In 2013 we started Build Abroad to change the world through construction volunteering. Since then, we have grown to offer trips to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. It has been an exciting journey, and today we have a few exciting updates.

In March of this year we brought a group of volunteers and a videographer down to Costa Rica. We spent a week digging the foundation of a house for someone who desperately needed it. The trip really inspired us. When we returned, we got right back to work on a new website and video, which we are sharing with you now!

We’ll let the video speak for itself. As for the new website, we have included way more information about our trips, overall mission and future plans. We hope you find all of this new content useful and inspiring. We have also included better resources for our volunteers including new trip checklists and guides.

Another exciting element that comes from this refresh is the addition of group trips. We now offer fully customizable group trips for schools, churches, organizations and families. These trips come standard with accommodations and meals, but can be made to include excursions, transportation, and other activities.

We have big plans for the future. We are always talking to grassroots organizations and will continue to offer new locations for volunteers each year. In 2015 we plan on opening 2 new locations, one of which is in Nepal. After the tragic earthquake in Nepal earlier this year, we feel it is our duty to respond and connect volunteers with opportunities to help.


Chad and Pat