1. Helping others makes you happier – it’s that simple!

It has been scientifically proven that helping others actually makes you happier! Those who volunteer tend to have higher self-esteem and feel more connected to others.

2. Volunteer work makes you physically healthier

Most volunteer work involves manual labor, or at least getting up and walking around. And if you’re out in the sun all day, you’re getting more vitamin D!

3. Volunteering reduces stress and anxiety

Aside from physical exercise, volunteering has been known to decrease stress. It’s time to get out of that office!

4. You have the opportunity to live like a local

If your program offers homestays, you have the rare opportunity to experience a different culture through the eyes of a local.

5. It becomes easier to learn a new language

Learning a language is easiest when you are fully immersed in a culture. Already know the language? Volunteering abroad is a great way to get even better!

6. You will gain a new perspective on the world

If you have lived in one place your whole life, it can be easy to get stuck in one way of thinking. Volunteering abroad is bound to give you a new world view.

7. You will step out of your comfort zone

One of the best things you can do to grow personally is to step out of your comfort zone. Volunteering abroad can make this happen.

8. It’s an excuse to switch things up

Not that you need an excuse, but doing something new and exciting will rejuvenate you!

9. You will make friends from all over the world

Most international volunteer programs will take participants from all over the world. Expect to make lasting friendships with many of them!

10. You will learn to keep an open mind

Volunteering with others from different cultures and backgrounds will force you to keep an open mind to new foods, customs and ways of life.

11. You are guaranteed to have an adventure

You can always expect the unexpected when volunteering abroad. As long as you’re safe and follow instructions given by staff, you’re sure to have an amazing adventure!

12. You will become more grateful and less materialistic

During your volunteer journey, you may experience poverty first hand. Surprisingly, you will also find people with so little still live very happy and fulfilling lives. This might make you think twice before going on your next shopping spree. Just a thought.

13. You will conquer your fears and become stronger

Volunteering can help empower you, make you feel more courageous and help you overcome fears. Volunteering abroad is a courageous act itself!

14. You will learn about different religions

Even if you’re not religious, experiencing differnt religions can be a fascinating, eye-opening experience.

15. You will become a global citizen

What does it mean to be a global citizen? It means identifying as a human being, not just someone who comes from a certain nationality or ethnicity.

16. The food – ooh the food!

There is amazing food wherever you go, and you’ll get to try homemade local cuisine during your volunteer experience. Our favorite is Thai!

17. You will become the world traveler you have always wanted to be

Volunteering abroad will make a world traveler out of you yet! You’ll get more comfortable navigating a new city and communicating with locals. You’ll be able to travel anywhere!

18. You will see animals you’ve only seen in books

Volunteer in Costa Rica or Thailand and you’ll likely come face to face with monkeys or elephants!

19. You will get to truly know yourself

Volunteering abroad affords you the opportunity to get to know yourself in a different kind of setting – outside the office.

20. Volunteering is good for your career

Employers love seeing volunteering on resumes. It shows initiative, thoughtfulness and leadership!

21. You will learn valuable new skills

Depending on the type of volunteering you choose, you will most likely learn new skills you can use for life.

22. You might live longer!

Multiple studies have shown that volunteering is good for longevity, so you might as well try it!