While traveling with your friends or family can be a memorable experience, adventuring on your own is the ultimate self-indulgence. With the potential to be life-changing, a solo travel trip should be on everyone’s bucket list! Here are seven reasons you should travel alone at least once in your life.

1. You Change for the Better When You Travel Alone

Travel alone
Although unaccompanied travel is probably one of the most remarkable memories you can make, it also takes a lot of courage. Exploring foreign lands and journeying with complete strangers is not the easiest thing to do, but it will change you in a way nothing else can. From finding your own way around to interacting with people in different cultures, you’ll become more independent, adaptive and feel liberated after traveling by yourself.

2. Leaving Your Comfort Zone is a Good Thing

Expanding your horizons and feeling uncomfortable at times is A-OK. In fact, it’s something you should strive to do in your life. Continuing to do what makes you feel comfortable and safe is probably holding you back. It’s nearly impossible to grow and discover your true self if you’re not willing to take risks. Repressing from your true potential could be keeping you from opening any doors of opportunity and finding prospects of growth and understanding in yourself.

3. Experiences are More Valuable Than Things

This is a familiar concept that holds truth to its value. Buying new things may give you a temporary thrill, but that happiness quickly fades away. Contrary to buying expensive items, spending money on experiences will influence you for the rest of your life. You will create memories you could never have imagined and made friends with people you couldn’t have elsewhere.

4. You Get to Know Yourself Better When You Travel Alone

If you think you already know yourself to the core, think again. Traveling by yourself will vastly expand your knowledge in your own identity. You’ll gain a better measure of your patience, confidence and compassion levels. By exploring unfamiliar territory on your own, you will be provided insightful information that can lead to personal growth and self-development.

5. You Can Do What You Want to Do (And What You Don’t)

Travel alone
Creating your own itinerary is probably one of the biggest perks of traveling alone. You don’t have to get dragged anywhere you don’t want to, and you can visit your top destinations on your own time. Instead, you can skip the museum and venture for some donuts. You won’t have to feel guilty about skipping out on anything, and you’ll feel content that you got to see everything you wanted to.

6. It’s an Admirable Thing to Do

This is not to say you that you need to go on a solo adventure by yourself because of what others think of you. However, it is a praiseworthy thing to do – and for a good reason! Aside from the justifications above, traveling by yourself requires courage, an open mind and a sense of adventure – all of which are admirable qualities. 

7. The Experience is Empowering

Travel alone
At the end of it all, you can look back in astonishment at what you’ve accomplished. You grew more adaptable when you ran into hurdles such as missed flights, or when you lost your way on the map. You faced your fears of safety and loneliness. You learned to shine on your own through self-reliance. And you strengthened your self-awareness with a clear mind. What could be more empowering than that?

Pip SticklandAbout the Author
By day, Jordania is a Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. By nights and weekends, she is a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger at www.ohlordyjordy.blog. Jordania hopes to inspire other Millennials to follow their passions and take the road less traveled. She currently lives in San Antonio, Texas but is from Mesa, Arizona.