Even the cheapest volunteering programs can start to get expensive when you factor in costs for flights, immunizations, and travel insurance. One of the most common ways to combat these costs is to fundraise from your online community. The question then becomes what platform should you choose? To help you realize your travel dreams we’ve done the heavy lifting and compiled a list of 8 well-known crowdfunding platforms.

The Two Different Types of Websites: Traditional and Social

Traditional crowdfunding platforms have been established for some time providing you with the standard service of a personal fundraising domain to direct friends and family. They allow you to set up a page quickly and are known for their ease of use along with great customer service. On the other hand, social crowdfunding platforms provide a much more niche offering. They focus on working with people striving to do good, those wanting to make the world a better place, or with even more specific markets like ours travelers taking trips to help others. Here are the 4 traditional and 4 social organizations we recommend you check out!

Traditional Crowdfunding Platforms


GoGetFunding has helped people from all over the world raise millions for personal causes, events, projects, and anything else you can think of. They are one of the original personal crowdfunding sites and with that comes experience, support, and features that will help ensure you raise the most money possible. They’re recognized by many, including most importantly those who use their site, as a top international crowdfunding website passionately dedicated to serving its users.


GoFundMe is endorsed by large names, such as Forbes, Fast Company, The NY Times, CNN, Mashable, and TIME, to name a few. This is one of the most well-known and used crowdfunding sites out there. You can raise money for virtually any cause and not only through your own friends and family. GoFundMe gives you the option to leverage people looking to donate in your community to a local cause rather than a national or global one. In the end, GoFundMe offers a simple and user-friendly method for those looking to start crowdfunding.


Razoo started with the idea to serve underfunded non-profits and and people in need of a helping hand. They have now grown into one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms focusing on personal, charity, and team fundraising. Razoo’s do-good message is, “We combine social power, community drive, a swift checkout process, and beautiful design to give you the most comprehensive soapbox to stand on. How you use it is up to you..” By maintaining this minimalist yet community based mindset, they are able to offer some of the lowest fees in the business throughout the crowdfunding sector


Allows you to create an online fundraising campaign for just about anything, including volunteering. The website’s strengths all revolve around the social aspect and community feel Fundly brings to the table. As a free service, they offer Facebook open-graph technology that automatically broadcasts important campaign activity. You can important contacts, customize email templates, and exchange communication with friends and family like never before on your very own Fundly page.

Social Crowdfunding Platforms


YouCaring focuses on keeping costs as low as possible. Their mission is to offer completely free crowdfunding thus empowering people worldwide to rally support for personal and charitable causes (without the fundraising fees associated with other sites). They are dedicated to helping as many people as possible which is why they have vowed to never charge for their services. This is why they’ve earned the distinction as “The leader in free online fundraising”.


FundMyTravel is a unique crowdfunding site that focuses exclusively on travelers taking on meaningful projects. They offer free access to an extensive Fundraiser’s Toolkit giving you a detailed head start on how to create a successful fundraising campaign. FundMyTravel was started with the main purpose to increase financial support for those desiring to study, intern, volunteer, or just travel abroad — our kind of company!

Generosity by Indiegogo

Generosity by Indiegogo is a platform for human goodness and socially minded causes without an importance placed on the size or scale. The team at Idiegogo built this page for the entire purpose of providing a community catered toward what Indiegogo does not. They statedly serve, “the very people and causes that often need help the most. The ones that fall through the cracks. The ones that need a second chance. The ones on the brink.” This is why they offer their services for free keeping money in the hands of those doing good and who need it most.


StartSomeGood is a site that focuses solely on social change initiates for social entrepreneurs, non-profits, and community groups. Their goal is to give resources to anyone out there trying to make the world a better place. Working with StartSomeGood will be more intensive than other crowdfunding websites. You start by submitting your project to their team and, if approved, they’ll work with you throughout the process of getting your page up and running. It may be a longer time to get started, but well worth the access to their team of crowdfunding experts, feedback, advice, and guidance to help you along the way toward success.