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Program Costs

Why does it cost money to volunteer?

The reason it costs money to volunteer is to cover your housing, food, airport pickup, and in-country support. Also, part of the trip costs go towards construction materials for the job sites and supporting our local partner organizations. Build Abroad is very competitive in their volunteer pricing compared to other volunteer organizations.

What is included in my costs?

Housing, 2 meals per day, airport pickup, orientation, in country support, as well as a donation towards building supplies.

What is not included in my costs?

Flight, travel insurance, background check, and any spending money for souvenirs or excursions.

Can I raise money for my trip?

Yes. Please learn more on our Fund Your Trip page.

Can I donate to Build Abroad?

Yes. Build Abroad is a 501(c)3 organization which means your donation is tax deductible. To donate to Build Abroad, please visit our donations page here.

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