Our Story

It all started with a simple question: how can we create a better world through travel and architecture?

The idea behind Build Abroad originated in 2010 when two friends were attending architecture school. Their goal was to find a way to travel the world and use their architecture skills to serve developing countries. They had each traveled and volunteered internationally and realized it was an affordable, impactful way to see the world.

Meet the Founders

Build Abroad was founded by Pat McLoughlin and Chad Johnson. Both founders have a formal education in Architecture and a combined 20 years of volunteering experience. Before founding the company, both branched out from the Architecture field and developed unique skill-sets. Pat found his way to construction management while Chad developed his skills as a web designer. These combined skills have proven to be the perfect recipe for a socially responsible, technology savvy volunteer organization.


The First Trip

Build Abroad took its first trip to San Jose, Costa Rica to repair a women’s shelter and handicap accessible ramps in the community. That destination was chosen due to its great need for humanitarian services and accessibility to other places in the country. Since the inaugural trip, four more destinations were added in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Build Abroad is looking for new destinations and will start serving even more countries this year.

The Future of Build Abroad

Build Abroad has big plans for the future. At least 2 new locations will be added every year as thousands of volunteers are recruited to help build all over the world. New locations will not be limited to developing countries, and volunteering will become even more accessible and cheaper through discount initiatives and strategic partnerships with travel companies.

We are construction volunteers!