The Need for Disaster Relief

Unfortunately, there will always be a need for disaster relief. Our goal is to respond as quickly and as best we can when tragedy strikes. It is difficult to plan for a disaster; they can occur anywhere at anytime. However, we can create a plan of action for various scenarios and respond swiftly. As Build Abroad grows its resources, we will always be looking for ways to improve our response time, efforts, and overall impact.

Responding to a Disaster

Larger organizations like the Red Cross have almost endless resources and are exceedingly efficient when responding to a disaster. They bring essential supplies like food, water, and temporary shelter. While these larger organizations meet basic demand quickly, Build Abroad plans longer-term relief solutions. After a few months, temporary structures can begin to wear down. It is important to help those displaced find permanent homes. Even more importantly, it is important to help refugees rebuild their lives. That’s where Build Abroad comes in.

Setting up a Program

Once a disaster strikes, we immediately begin our search for local partners and organizations. Build Abroad works exclusively with these local organizations because they know what works best. By working together, Build Abroad and our partners can rebuild quickly and sustainably. It also allows our volunteers to be more productive and make a long-term impact wherever they work. Once disaster relief is done, we usually stay in these communities to continuously provide support.

Our Current Disaster Relief Efforts

Build Abroad volunteers are currently working in Nepal on post-disaster relief efforts from the 2015 earthquake. Since a lot of work has already been completed in Kathmandu, our volunteers are working in remote Himalayan villages to rebuild. So far, we have worked diligently with our partners and the local villagers to rebuild homes and schools.