The Need for Housing Projects

Without safe and secure housing, it can be difficult for families in developing countries to get ahead. Housing projects are one of the first types of projects we look for when partnering with organizations in other countries. Our housing projects focus on families in low-income areas, especially those with children, extended family, and those with disabilities. These projects can range from rural areas to urban developments in larger cities.

The Importance of Quality Housing Projects

It goes without saying that quality housing is of the utmost importance and essential to a high quality of life. Living in substandard housing can lead to added stresses while not letting inhabitants focus on important things like going to school, getting work, basic hygiene, cooking, and safety. Something as simple as basic shelter can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

How We Find Housing Projects

Build Abroad finds housing projects by partnering with local organizations that specialize in the development of low-income areas. We work closely with these partners to ensure all housing projects have long-term, sustainable goals while achieving effective, short-term fixes. We do this by following up with projects on a regular basis, documenting volunteer work, and making sure each project has particular criteria that or expert team decides on. We only work with the best partners and hire the best project managers and trip leaders.

Current Housing Construction Projects

Build Abroad is currently working on a variety of housing construction projects in most of our locations, specifically Costa Rica, Peru, and Guatemala. We are also looking into new projects in the Caribbean, Asia and Africa. We are always open to new projects where our volunteers can make a true impact. If you have an idea for a housing project, you can suggest it by contacting our team here.