Build Abroad is able to make a difference in the world through the help of people who support our mission. Our partnerships help make it easier to travel and allow our volunteers to get the most from their trip. Below are just a few of the partners that we work with.


STA Travel gives our volunteers access to the most affordable flights. STA is the global leader in student travel, with 35 years of providing amazing travel experiences to their customers. Their mission is to enable students and young adults to explore the world with experiences that are filled with adventure, discovery and personal growth.

World Nomads gives our volunteers access to the best travel insurance deals around. They specialize in volunteer travel and are trusted by respected travel experts around the world. Their travel insurance covers medical emergencies, trip cancellation, emergency evacuation, damage to personal belongings, and a wide range of activities.

Fundrazr is the easy, effective crowdfunding platform for everyone. We always recommend Fundrazr to our volunteers to use because it providse the tools and guides to make the most of any fundraising project and easily integrate with social media. Many previous Build Abroad volunteers have been able to cut their trip costs down dramatically by starting a campaign.

Take 7 is a production company that has a passion for creating compelling video content to help you engage audiences. They have accompanied Build Abroad overseas to capture volunteer work and have worked with us from conceptual stages all the way through post production.

Shelter Global is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about unplanned settlements, otherwise known as slums. Slums are known for not having adequate housing, electricity and sanitation. Shelter’s mission aligns with the Build Abroad mission, and for this reason we support their cause and donate part of our profits towards them.

Local Partners

In order to strengthen a community, you need to be able to first understand it. We recognize that each community has different needs, and the local organizations are most in tune with how to help. For this reason, we look to local organizations to partner with us. Our partnerships are meant to be long lasting and never one sided. We have found that in-country organizations benefit from a number of ways:

  • Added global awareness to their cause
  • Additional Volunteers
  • Project funding and donations
  • Connections to other grassroots organizations

In the coming years Build Abroad is looking to grow throughout Central America, South America, Africa and Asia. If your local organization has a construction related mission or is in the need of construction related services, please contact us.