Background Checks

All Build Abroad volunteers are required to get background checks for all of our programs.

The reason why we require this background check is for the safety of our local partner organizations and other volunteers. In some cases we are working on schools and near children, so we want to make sure the people we are serving are being protected. Without a background check, you will not be able to go to the job site. Background checks can sometimes take up to 10 days to get and are very hard to get in country, so it is important to plan ahead and bring a printed background check with you.

Background Check FAQs

Where do I get background check?

Every country and city is different in requesting a background check. In some cases, you can get it from your police department, while other times you will need to request one online. Start by talking to your local police station and see if they can provide one for you. If that doesn’t work, people in the US can get them online. There are a number of websites that provide this service. The most common are or

What type of background check is needed?

There is no specific requirement for the type of background check we need. Usually the cheapest (or free) background check you can get will suffice. We just want something that shows you do not have a criminal history.

Can I use an old background check?

Yes. We allow old background checks up to 1 calendar year from the date you will start volunteering. If the background check is older than 1 year, then you will need to get a new one.

If I have a criminal history, will I still be able to volunteer?

It all depends on what the offense is. If it is a misdemeanor it will likely not have an effect on joining one of our programs. If it is a felony or other aggressive crime, it may prevent you from joining. If you have a criminal history and have any questions, you can contact us.