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  • Guatemala
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“The effort we put forth made a physical, tangible impact that completely changed lives. It was a powerful feeling. . .”

-Coolie C., Build Abroad Volunteer

5 reasons to volunteer with Build Abroad

Build Abroad focuses specifically on construction volunteering. We feel that construction volunteering is the best way to serve a community.

  1. Provide a lasting physical impact
  2. Make a real difference in the lives of community members
  3. Step out of your comfort zone and meet interesting people
  4. Get your hands dirty, exercise and work outside
  5. Explore somewhere new while helping better the world

What our volunteers have to say…

“Build Abroad has great systems, plans, and values in place that are rarely seen with other volunteer organizations. I am very impressed and really wish I could do more. I can’t wait to do another one. ”

- Tim R.

“I would take another Build Abroad trip in a heartbeat, no second thoughts. Everything was extremely organized, it made it really easy to just get up and go!”

- Farihah S.

“Build Abroad was an amazing opportunity to be hands on and travel; not only was I provided insight into a new culture, but as an architect, it provided perspective on my field around the world.”

- Amy A.

“Sitting down with people in our volunteer group; hanging out with people from other cultures and being on the job site were all eye opening and mind expanding experiences.”

- Gordon M.

Our Destinations

Costa Rica





We focus on the following types of projects

Housing Projects

In most cases, rural communities in developing countries are underprivileged and therefore do not have sufficient housing. Some of our projects allow volunteers to help build or repair someone’s home by assisting with roofing, masonry, carpentry, or painting. A home is much more than shelter overhead; it is a place for someone to feel safe and raise a family.

Disaster Relief

Natural disasters often cause many people to be displaced from their homes. In some cases, entire communities are destroyed and need to be rebuilt. There will always be a need for immediate disaster relief as hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes occur all over the world. In some of our locations, our building volunteers respond to natural disasters and help rebuild.

School Projects

Many impoverished communities are denying children access to quality education because of lack of schools. The lucky communities that have schools are usually too small to hold all the children or are in poor condition. Construction volunteers can help perform critical school repairs or assist with the building of new classrooms for the community.

Water and Sanitation

One of the biggest health concerns in the world is inadequate sanitation and lack of clean water. This is an urgent global issue that must be addressed in order for people to live longer, healthier lives. On some of our projects, construction volunteers venture into rural villages to help construct toilets, dig for sanitation lines, or assemble water tanks for rainwater collection.

Get your hands dirty!